The One-UWI Graduate Student Conference – Shaping the Future through Interdisciplinary Excellence

by November 29, 2023

The University of the West Indies (UWI) proudly showcased “The One-UWI Postgraduate Student Conference,” a transformative three-day online event hosted by the School for Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR) from November 15-17, 2023. Celebrating The UWI’s 75th anniversary and esteemed global ranking, this conference spotlighted graduate students’ significant contributions across diverse programmes on its five campuses.

Under the theme “Preparing for the New Global Era: Voices of Future Leaders,” The One-UWI Postgraduate Student Conference explored ten pivotal focal areas, addressing climate resilience, food security, universal good health, nature-based solutions, and the implications of 21st-century digital transformation. The conference delved into governance and labour market challenges in small states, social and cultural issues in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), legal frameworks in sustainable development, and diverse perspectives on contemporary educational issues. Additionally, it examined transformative elements of empowerment, activism, and representation in the context of identities.

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, in his remarks, emphasised the conference’s focus on interdisciplinary research, highlighting its relevance to global challenges, such as climate change, resilience, culture, food security, health, technology, and pedagogy, and Caribbean society’s pivotal role in global affairs.

Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Graduate Studies and Research, expressed pride in students’ cutting-edge research, aligning with the university’s strategic goal to enhance research quality and quantity, aiming to cultivate highly skilled researchers.

Representing Campus Directors, Graduate Studies and Research, Professor Marcia Roye extended heartfelt congratulations to presenters, recognising their contributions as budding researchers.

On the first day, Dr. Tyrone Hall, Keynote Speaker and Strategic Outreach Advisor at the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, United Nations, illuminated students’ readiness for careers in sustainability. He underscored the crucial function of interdisciplinary education in adept problem-solving, encouraging humility, and the upholding of ethical values.

During the second day, Mr. Kyle Maloney, Co-Founder/Director of Tech Beach Retreat, initiated the conversation by highlighting the non-linear trajectory of the Caribbean’s future. Maloney provided four key strategies for researchers: dream big, embrace failure as a part of the journey, foster collaboration, and infuse positive energy into the world.

Delivering the keynote on the third day, Ms. Rosina Casserly, Former Director of Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, stressed the significance of soft skills such as empathy and intuition in leadership, particularly within diverse spaces/backgrounds.

This conference exemplifies The UWI’s commitment to fostering interdisciplinary excellence, preparing future leaders for the challenges and opportunities of the new global era.

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